Can Marriage Remedy Depression?

Marriage has been ridiculed as a unit harboring enormous problems and dysfunction. Some comedians all over have managed to portray the marriage institution as a deep hole in which many wish to escape from. However, even with such sentiments from certain people, researchers have found fascinating facts that tell otherwise.

In fact, marriage has been associated with many emotional benefits. According to a study by Kristi Williams, an assistant professor of sociology at Ohio State University in Columbus, depressed people seem to thrive in marriage unlike what is expected.

These research findings were tabled by Williams and her co-author, Adrianne Frech, a doctoral student at Ohio State at the American Sociological Association meeting, in Montreal.

A scale of 0 to 84 was used and the greater the numbers in the score, the more depressed people were. Those depressed in this survey after marriage saw the score go down by at least 8 points. In other words, most of the depressed people improved on their condition after marriage.

This study was anchored on an earlier study that had revealed that single people had higher chances of death compared to those who were married, divorced or separated. In this regard marriage was attributed to have ‘healing powers’ owed to intimacies that came with it.

However, experts state clearly that these facts do not legitimize marriage as an ultimate solution for all depression cases. It is simply a factual guide that has been observed and hopefully can guide people.

Keep in mind that there are many people who have marriage as their stressors and ultimately become the cause of depression. It will depend on individual cases. When you have a trustworthy and supportive partner for marriage, there is no doubt that you are going to tap into all the emotional, psychological and physical benefits of marriage which can make you happy.

Happiness will then become the sure remedy to fight depression. A good marriage will bring contentment and satisfaction; excellent ingredients for sound mental health.

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